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The 14 Top Reasons People Need to Sell Their Homes Fast


Are you reading this because you and your family members are finally moving out, yet you are still deciding on whether to put your house on sale or not?

Maybe, you are in the middle of some discussions. Guess what? We will help you through this article discussing the top 14 reasons people need to sell their homes fast!

After reading this, you will surely have all the reasons and motivation to sell your house faster than ever.

14 Reasons Why People Need to Sell Their Homes Fast

Discussing why you should sell your house fast comes in a package. It is not just motivated by a single factor; in fact, there are 14 reasons a house sale must be made.

We will not keep you that long. These are the 14 reasons why you need to sell your house fast:

1) Financial Reasons

It is hard to let go of something valuable to you. However, if it financially burdens you, maybe it is time to let it go.

With this said, when talking about reasons why you need to sell your home fast, the top things that come to mind are financial reasons.

You may need to put a house sale tag on your home if the situation fits one or two of these factors:

  • Your budget cannot afford the house maintenance
  • Unable to pay for the excessive repairs needed
  • You need to upsize or downsize
  • Cannot fully pay a home equity loan

Nonetheless, what will make you sell your house fast is when you consult the expertise of a real estate agent.

2) Going Through a Divorce

Your home houses the memories of your love affair, from the honeymoon phase to the tragic crashing of everything you built.

While getting a divorce, you do not want to succumb to nostalgia. If you and your partner are on the rocks and choose to part ways through a divorce, the primary thing you would like to do is to sell your current home fast.

To do this, you can contact a person who is into sale and investment properties as they can quickly buy houses. This guarantees you to not stress over putting your house on the market, as investors can buy homes in cash.

Nevertheless, before negotiating with an investor, ensure that you and your partner agree to sell your home if you both own it.

When you are not on talking terms, your lawyers can communicate and put the agreement into writing for a court order. This will make selling and dividing profit easier for both parties.

3) Extensive Repair Work

Repairs are expensive, especially if the whole house needs overhauling. Some repairs even cost the price as when you pay for a new home on the market.

These are some of the every day (yet costly) house repairs you may encounter:

  • Repairs caused by termite damage
  • Repairs on electrical and plumbing
  • Repairs on roof and foundation
  • Repairs on the cooling and heating systems
  • Repairs on floor issues

Repairing this would mean that you need to negotiate with contractors. If you are unlucky, you get to be with a contractor that does not do the job right and will waste your money.

More than that, you must consistently oversee their work which you cannot always do because you also have things to attend to.

So, what do you do with this? Sell it because it can affect your finances if you do not have the financial means to pay all of your house repairs.

4) Need to Move Out of the Area Quickly

Among other factors you need to consider to put your houses on sale, the most common reason is the need to move out of the area quickly.

There are reasons behind this, such as:

  • Hired in a new job
  • Job transfers for promotions happen
  • You need a new neighborhood
  • The climate in the area does not suit you
  • You want to travel the world

In addition, you can use the profit from the house sale for your new venture in another place.

Regardless of the specific reason, if you think you cannot stay in that house anymore because of your personal or professional business, selling your home is the only way to make it worth something.

5) House With Code Violations

Homeowners like you may encounter problems in terms of house code violations depending on the city where the house is in. This can be a violation of one of these:

  • Electricity and wirings
  • Plumbing
  • Lack of safety devices
  • Building materials
  • Heating and cooling systems

These can be assessed by a city inspector assigned to do that job. Nonetheless, if your home has a code violation, you can always settle this when you pay and do some repairing work.

Yet, these payments and repairs may be too expensive if code violations pile up. So, the best way to save money is a home sale.

However, before selling the property, you need to have a sale contract with the home buyers regarding your agreement on how you will go forward with the violations.

6) Inherited a House

Right after you were born, maybe your parents or grandparents have decided that they want you to preserve an ancestral home, and they want you to live in a peaceful neighborhood.

Yet, as you grew up, you may have been exposed to a different lifestyle, and unfortunately, your inherited property does not suit that circle.

What do you do now? Yup, you thought of selling it in the housing market, which you can freely do. All you have to do is choose from one of these selling tips:

  • Hire a real estate agent who is known in the housing market
  • You can list it in a sale auction for home purchase
  • Register for home purchase listing alerts

Nevertheless, consult your family before selling your property because they may want to inherit the house instead.

7) House With Bad Tenants

Are you a landlord who owns a rental property and, unluckily, managing it seems like a piece of extra baggage for you?

Another problem with having a rental property is that you have been blessed with a bad tenant that does not go with the schedule of paying their rent.

This means that the property up for rent does not give you any cash income. Yet, investors are still up for paying your house in cash, even with bad tenants.

Real estate investors would gladly buy houses specifically if it has tenants as it will be a wise investment with an automatic rental income.

Most importantly, it will save them time from looking for people who will use their rental properties.

Nonetheless, you should also bear in mind to negotiate this change with your bad tenants so as not to alleviate any worse conditions. They also have the right to know who will be the subsequent owners of the property they are renting.

8) Property Is in Pre-foreclosure

First, a pre-foreclosure is the period between a lender notifying you of default and repossessing your property before foreclosure.

This may happen when you miss mortgage payments for several payment periods. The good thing is that there is enough period between pre-foreclosure and foreclosure for you to sell your house.

You must note that selling your house fast is the key to not losing that much money. Of course, you should plan when to sell it, specifically when the seller’s market value for your house is higher.

Nevertheless, hiring a real estate agent for property management will significantly help you do this efficiently and result in higher cash offers.

9) House With a Squatter

Leaving your house empty for quite some time and then going back with squatters staying indoors is never a joy to look forward to when you are a homeowner.

Additionally, it will be frustrating, especially when you still pay mortgage and utility bills.

The best decision to take your hands away from that house is to sell it. Yet, before doing that, you need to ensure that settlers leave the premises so that you will not encounter problems with buyers.

Nevertheless, there can still be people who want to buy your house and will deal with the settlers as they have been in a similar situation before.

However, this comes with a price as cash home buyers may negotiate a new home sale price that they can afford, given the situation of the house.

10) Downsizing

Imagine being alone in a BIG house. Isn’t it sad? Of course, it is!

Not just that, living alone but having to deal with significant bills on mortgage, electricity, water, internet, and others are as much as upsetting.

These reasons are why some of you, homeowners, tend to downsize to a new home that is relatively smaller than the previous. Yet, it feels enough for your needs.

With this, you are left to sell your old home. There is no need to worry because nowadays, many big-sized families think of your previous home as their dream home.

You can sell your property faster with a reasonable home sale price if you contact a real estate agent or broker with a good track record.

11) Moving Out of State

Many people experience life change often, and maybe one day, you are redirected into more incredible things in another state or side of the world. This day may be today, so you are selling your house fast.

There are also a lot of reasons people move out of the city, such as:

  • Cost of living
  • Business opportunities
  • Climate condition preferences
  • Better government and healthcare
  • Change in neighborhood
  • Going into a prominent school district

Nevertheless, many homeowners prefer turning their homes into rental properties. Yet, selling it is the only way if you think you cannot be that hands-on in property management.

12) Vacant and Damaged Houses

Many homeowners sell their vacant property and damaged houses because of two main things; it is expensive and difficult to maintain.

Sure, some homeowners would want to repair their property and make it a rental space, as people paying rent can help their finances. Yet, this takes time, effort, and a lot of money.

In addition, there are a lot of things behind these houses that can surely leave a big hole in your wallets, like:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Property taxes
  • Paying back taxes
  • Electric bills
  • Water bills

If you think the vacancy and damages the property has accumulated are more than what you can afford, then it is time to contact a real estate agent to sell the house fast.

13) Family Indifferences

Selling your home quickly is quite challenging, especially when you own it with a family member.

As they say, it takes two to tango, which means one party is not enough for sale. It would be best if you were in sync with the decision before selling the house.

Yet, some salvage their family relationship by selling the house in a heartbeat, especially when one or more of these conditions are met:

  • No one’s living there
  • It continues to drain you financially
  • There are multiple offers from investors

You and your family can also consult with a lawyer and a real estate agent so that everything will go smoothly if you want to sell your house fast with the right cash offer.

14) Death in the Family

The saddest reason people need to sell their house fast is when a family member dies.

Memories are often built in houses, and the moment a member dies, it feels like moving on is impossible if you continue to live in the same place.

This is the main factor in why you think of selling it to move forward into a new home in another neighborhood.

Also, other things push you to sell the house:

  • If the deceased lived alone and wanted the house to be sold
  • If you do not intend to live there for long
  • If you cannot pay back taxes and monthly payments

Yet, you can only have fast home sales (e.g., cash) when every legal procedure, like estate settlements, is already cleared up. The best thing to do in this situation is to ask for a real estate agent’s advice.

Final Words

After all these factors have been laid out, you may relate to one or more of these top 14 reasons people need to sell their homes fast.

For a quick recap, here are the reasons:

  • Financial Reasons
  • Going Through a Divorce
  • Extensive Repair Work
  • Need to Move Out of the Area Quickly
  • House With Code Violations
  • Inherited a House
  • House With Bad Tenants
  • Property Is in Pre-foreclosure
  • House With a Squatter
  • Downsizing
  • Moving Out of State
  • Vacant and Damaged Houses
  • Family Indifferences
  • Death in the Family

With all that was said and done, do not wait further; call a real estate agent now, as they will help you sell your property on the market as swiftly as possible with the best bet for a cash offer.


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